About Sekai VR

世界 (Sekai) is Japanese for The World and/or Worlds, we chose this name because games are all about taking you to new worlds, places you can only dream of, we then bring you back nice and safe. Oh and the symbols look like a little man wearing a VR headset!

We are a small indie team with a (very) long history in the games industry. If it can play games we’ve made a game for it, yes even home landline phones.

Today we work on one game at a time, small and agile gives us the luxury of being able to make the games we want to play, no more Pony games for us : )

We want to hear from you, ideas for our games, business opportunities, work for hire, if you think we’d like to hear about it write to us (see our contact page).

We’re going to keep the website and Facebook pages up to date as we develop the game, being small it’ll be erratic but when we do write something it’ll be important and interesting, we will not hammer you with photos of our breakfasts and what airport we just checked in (sinners, you know who you are).

Right let’s crack on with making a game shall we?